Selling your home? Five tips for making your home sale a success

If you are selling your home , there are two things you want from the process. You want to sell your own home fast and you want to get a good price on the sale of your house. The longer your property sits on the market, the longer you will find yourself making house payments on a home you no longer can live in. Whether your move be due to job transfer, deciding to move up to another local property, family issues or just a personal choice; the longer the home for sale lingers on the real estate market will be the longer you endure house payments, uncertainty and delay in moving forward with your life. You might even find yourself in a new house before you sell your old home and suffer under having two house payments in your life? Never a good outcome!

So what is the best way to sell your home? Have you ever wondered on the best way to sell your home?

As a professional Realtor in this Oklahoma City real estate market, I can attest to the large number of homeowners who experience relief, less listing time on the market and a better selling price when they finally decide to delegate and outsource the home sale process to a real estate professional . You want to sell your home, not spend time experimenting with maybes and trial runs of days wasted trying to figure out how to sell your home. The appreciation and feedback I get from my home seller clients at the closing table indicates to me that we would all be wise to delegate the more of our lives to dedicated and competent professionals in order to reclaim our precious time and realize a successful outcome in our life endeavors. When you sell your home, your most valuable asset, your house, it is certainly no different. The goal is to sell your home. Life is short, money issues can cause stress, so let a professional assist you when it comes time to start preparing your home to sell!

Here are five ‘Sell Your Home Fast Tips’ to remind you that you should never enter into the complicated process of selling your home without using the services of a local, experience professional real estate agent.

When you sell your house with the help of a good Realtor, it will relieve you of the tedious and complicated process of marketing, promoting and showing your property. Nothing can be so full of troublesome details, nuances, and even danger as trying to sell your house yourself. The mass of details, process, screening of potential home buyers and evaluation of effective marketing and promotion can be overwhelming to the point of your giving up on selling your home and moving on with your life. Don’t let frustration with the process stop you from living and achieving your dreams. Delegate the often complicated tasks involved with selling your house to a real estate professional.

Using a good Realtor will allow you to be protected from legal liability thanks to the experience and education of your real estate agent. Don’t believe there is legal liability when selling your home? What do you do when a prospective home buyer enters your home and injures themselves? What protection do you have trying to conduct an Open House while groups of people are moving about your home, around your belongings? What methods do you have to complete paperwork related to a buyer’s offer on your house? The days of a deal being done over a handshake are long gone. Just look at the yellow pages in the lawyer section and think a bit harder about assuming the liability yourself. Avail yourself to the experience and training of a professional Realtor to make your home seller experience safer and more effective.

Proper pricing of your home is much more likely to get you multiple offers and a better price on your home. It’s really true on how much of an impact proper pricing can have on the final selling price of your home. Too many home seller who don’t conduct proper pricing research think that they should list the home as high as possible, and then if no offers come in they slowly drop the price in stages over a period of time. All this does is tell the Realtors who are representing home buyers that you are getting no offers and might even be a desperate home sellers. This ends up being what is called ‘chasing the price trend downward’. Home buyers will be hesitate to make an offer on your home because they figure there is something wrong with the property or that you will just be lowering the price again next month, so why rush in and make an offer now? You are much most likely to attract a good price for your home if you price it competitively. Why? Because you are more likely to attract MULTIPLE OFFERS on a home for sale. This could actually end up driving the selling price HIGHER due to buy competition for your house. A savvy real estate agent understands this strategy and home sellers would be wise to heed the Realtor’s knowledge on this pricing tactic.

Sell your house with a professional Realtor. It will give you back your most valuable asset. Your time is irreplaceable and by outsourcing the home selling process to a good real estate agent, you will be able to get the home sold and still reclaim your precious time for the important things in your life. You have one life to live. Let the professionals take care of the details and myriad tasks required to get that home sold. Your Realtor knows the best strategies and tactics to get your house sold quickly and for a good price!

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