Eureka Quick Up Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Household cleaning has always been a bane for many individuals who just can’t find the time or the energy to keep house. With pets and kids around, the problems get even worst with cleanups having to be done everywhere with seemingly no end in sight. With the assistance of modern machinery though, even such daunting tasks aren’t impossible to undertake if you have the right equipment.

No-hassle cordless system – no more power cord length limits!

The Eureka Quick up cordless vacuum cleaner – the first one of its kind to feature a no-hassle cordless system that allows you to take the vacuum anywhere without having to fret about the inconvenience of being limited to the length of a power cord. The Eureka vacuum gets over the cord length issue through having been equipped with a rechargeable motor battery which you can easily plug into your wall when not in use.

The Eureka will have an approximated 3 hours of maximum operating vacuum time. Its weight is under five pounds at, and this vacuum can easily be brought about from place to place to deal with unwanted spills as they happen.

Easy to use

With its removable extender handle, the Eureka Quick up Cordless can be converted into a standing vacuum or a hand-vacuum with ease. At 44-inches tall, even your kids won’t have a problem helping out with the daily or weekly cleaning chores no matter what area of the house you’re in you’ll be able to reach it, especially with the pesky cord out of the way.

Microfiltration system – no more allergic reactions

The Eureka Quick up easily gets rid of pet or human hair, dust, and other minute allergens that can cause any number of allergic reactions in the home. Unlike conventional vacuum cleaners, the Eureka functions on a state-of-the-art microfiltration system which traps even the minutest of dust particles, allowing you a thorough clean. Because it is bag-less, you won’t have to trouble yourself with having to clean messy and often cumbersome vacuum bags.


For all of the goodies that the Eureka has in store, there are certain drawbacks though. One of the primary drawbacks of the Eureka is that its filtration system is highly sensitive, so it often gives off the ‘full’ warning even before you have to empty it.

This sensitivity extends to more than just the filtration system, as oftentimes it may have trouble functioning. This is quickly remedied by constantly cleaning the filters however. Another thing that’s slightly amiss about this vacuum is that it could use a bit more battery power, and it takes very long to charge. The Eureka’s suction system also has problems picking up heavier substances such as pet food, cookies and what not.

But, if you’re looking for an all-around vac that can suck anything, give this a pass. But if you’re looking for a convenient and easy way to clean up light messes without the hassle of lugging a giant out of the attic, then Eureka Quick up Cordless Cleaner is definitely a good choice!

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