9 Essential Equipment That An Electrician Use On Daily Basis

Electrician plays a key role while constructing a house or if you want some electricity-related issues fixed. However, an electrician cannot fit or repair electricity without his equipment. So, if you are looking for an electrician, it would be ideal to get in touch with a West Hartford electrician who will take care of all electricity-related issues for you.

Different type of equipment is necessary for this profession. For example, a screwdriver is required to open any electric machine or a wire cutter to cut the wire. Below are a few basic types of equipment that an electrician always carries with him.

Primary tools used by electricians

1. Voltage indicator

The electrician uses this device to determine whether it is present or absent. It also checks the alternating current (AC) in outlets, switches, sockets, and circuit breakers.

A voltage indicator is a life-saving tool because it helps the electrician check if the power is off before he starts working on a project. 

2. Insulated Screwdrivers

A screwdriver is essential to open every screw. There are many types of screws in different places, so an electrician often carries a screwdriver box.

The box has different shapes and sized screwdrivers for various purposes. Screws can be wood screws or machine screws. Insulation of screwdriver is almost 1000 volt because the user’s safety is the most important thing while working on these risky electrical projects.

3. Side cutter or pliers

Cutter and pliers are the basic things you can find in the equipment box of an electrician. Individuals can use them daily, but following three cutters and pliers are must have tools while working on any project.

  • Side-Cutters

This tool helps to cut a wire to a specific length of whatever size is required.

  • Traditional Pliers

 Stripping wires are handy for removing nails and are also effective in cutting wires.

  • Long nose pliers

They hold the wire until the grasping of the tune wire end and provide finishing to the cable.

4. Wire strippers

Wire strippers are essential to set the right amount of pressure on the copper wire while insulating from a cable, which helps prevent copper wires from being damaged.

Some electricians use them to strip stealth and some for insulating the earth and twin cable. They can also remove rubber wire insulation rages from gauge 10 to 26.

5. Hammers

Hammer is a device with a round cylindrical-shaped head made up of hard material, and to strike objects such as nails for pounding them inside something, we need it. A claw hammer is used for both pulling and pounding nails.

A particular hammer is called a soft-faced hammer for hitting the soft spots. They are made up of soft materials like rubber or plastic.

6. Flashlight

The flashlight is necessary when an electrician works in a dark place such as the attic, ceiling cavities, and basement.  In addition, a flashlight works as safety equipment for these workers.

A convenient and safe light is tactical light which is helpful in every situation, and a headlight could also be an ideal option for them as they are wearable on the head, thus making them easy to carry.

7. Utility knife

The basic use of a utility knife is for cutting cables and wire. It is also helpful in stripping off hard plastic or rubber insulations. Apart from this, they are frequently used to cut through electrical material which carries electric current. This knife is perfectly shaped so that it cannot harm the inner wire while peeling off the insulators.

8. Electric wall chaser

A powerful tool specially used for cutting groves in walls whenever there is a need to lay electric wire narrow inside a wall. Wall chaser is powered by a robust electric motor with a pair of sharp and hard discs identical to an angle grinder.

9. RCD tester

RCD stands for the residual current device; it carries out a test that helps to check whether equipment operates under a faulty condition.


  1. How many types of equipment does an electrician have?

An electrician uses several tools, but two or three tools are vital for their work: a screwdriver, flashlight, wire cutter, and pliers.

  1. What is an electrician toolbox?

An electrician tool box is a simple bag or box that professional electricians use to carry their equipment. Their package is very portable and easy to carry.

  1. Can I use electrical equipment by myself?

Using essential tools like a screwdriver, pliers, and wire cutter is very easy to use, and you can use them for basic needs. But do not try to use equipment like wall chasers; it can be dangerous to use alone.

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