8 Tried-and-Tested Ways To Stop Wasps From Invading House 

As the summers come to an end, you’ll be hearing an unnerving sound flitting around your ear, and it’s none other than a wasp! Enjoying your sun-soaked lunch outdoors can quickly turn into a hotchpotch if your house gets attacked by wasps. 

These little yellow stripy menaces come as uninvited guests and do not leave when you want. Running behind the insect with a spatula in your hand isn’t an option as they can be many in number.

Here are some proven ways to deal with wasps at the end of summer. 

  • Keep Your Food and Beverages Covered 

It would be great to cover all the eatables lying on the table, as wasps can quickly smell food, and nothing can stop them from tasting those delicacies. The stripy wasp also loves sweet jams, drinks, and cakes, so cover them with a lid or a cloth to ensure the wasps cannot attack the food.

Furthermore, keep all bins covered or empty them regularly if you don’t want the bees to gatecrash your house and spoil the party. 

  • Use Citronella Candles 

This is a tried and tested way to keep the wasps away at the end of summer. Furthermore, the scent of citronella candles keeps other insects at bay as well, so you can kill two birds with one stone. 

Citronella candles are easily available in most supermarkets and stores. Or you can order them online as well. Do not put these candles on a table or near food as the scent may be too strong.

Instead, place them in different corners around the house, and ensure that the scent gets scattered so that it acts as a wasp repellent.

  • Get Professional Assistance

If you don’t want the hassles of lighting candles or covering the food, hiring professionals will be a great idea. When you hire a professional like Permakill Exterminating, expect it to be done quickly. 

Dealing with a nest of wasps all alone is like stepping into a boxing ring with no experience. Wasps have a strong sting, and they can be excruciatingly painful. But professionals do their job in proper gear and exterminate all the wasp nests around the house. 

Furthermore, they use several techniques, including certified chemicals that curtail the chances of wasps building their nest again. So, you can have a long-term solution by calling the professionals.

  • Say Hi to Strong Scented Plants 

Not a lot of people know that scented plants can act as a wasp deterrent. If you don’t like burning candles or spraying oils in your home, you can opt for planting saplings, including tomato, peppermint, cloves, and mint.

The minty fragrance will keep the wasps from venturing around the garden, and you’ll feel the freshness in the air.  

  • Ditch Bright Colors for Sometime 

If you encounter a certain number of stripy bees every day in your garden, this may be due to bright colors. As per the experts, you should steer clear of bright flowers.

Bright colors can attract hordes of bees to your garden, and it may be difficult to get rid of them. Yes, it may be a tough call if you are a fan of dahlias and marigolds. But to keep the wasps away, you have to plant darker flowers.

  • Don’t Leave the Outside Lights On 

No matter how beautiful your patio lights may look during the dark, turn them off if you want to fend off wasps. Light attracts insects, and bees are not an exception. 

Instead, wasps get attracted to light as they feed on the small insects hovering around the bulbs. Killing those bees may sound like a last resort, but you can’t really help when they are hundreds in number.

  • Sprinkle Some Peppermint Oil 

If you don’t have scented candles readily available, and professionals are taking time to arrive, take some help from peppermint oil.

Wasps hate the smell of peppermint, and you can see instant results after sprinkling it in the area that bees are venturing. Add 2-3 drops of peppermint oil on a cotton ball and place it where you see the wasps. 

This hack is safe for kids as well, and you can put cotton balls dipped in peppermint oil in the kids’ room as well. 

  • Prepare a Wasp Trap 

If you don’t mind killing the wasps, prepare a trap using sugar and water. All you need is an empty bottle of beer filled with sweetened water. The bees entering the bottle will drown in the water, and this way, you can get rid of them at the end of summer.

Conclusion: How Do I Stop Wasps from Coming Again?

Well, most of these hacks are just a temporary solution, and the bees will knock on your door again. It would be great to get pest exterminating services as this is the only solution with lasting results. 

Keep following the other tips as well to ensure that no wasps ever try to enter your property. Furthermore, keep an eye on the areas prone to active wasp nests. Keep your backyard clean, and you can enjoy a day with your family sitting in your garden, having fun.

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